Outreach & Service Commission

Outreach and Service at Zion

Across the Street ministry reveals the dedication of members at Zion Mennonite Church to providing outreach and service to the local community.  Zion is a supporting congregation of People Helping People, a group of volunteers whose purpose includes coordinating helping services for persons in need in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.

Zion Mennonite Church supports local charities such as Broadway Fire Department, Broadway Rescue Squad, and Broadway Youth–Young Life, and Weekday Religious Education.

In an effort to provide an opportunity for the Daphna Community to fellowship together, Outreach and Service offers a number of events throughout the year.  We host the annual Daphna Picnic event, with live music, and other fun events in September!

As members of the body of Christ, we seek ways to minister and provide outreach to our community in which we live.  

Zion Mennonite Church supports a number of missionaries and volunteer service workers in the field.  Long-term missions are those service opportunities which last longer than one year.  Short-term missions are those which last shorter than one year.