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Sunday, September 23, 2018 – click to view bulletin

Worship service: 9:30 am  •  Sunday school: 11:15 am   

Preacher: Pastor Sarah Piper

Scripture Reading – Luke 22:31-34, 39-44

Sermon: “Following God Closely: Going Beneath The Surface”


2018 Church Directory Photographs will be held Sept. 20-22 at ZMC
Thursday, Sept 20     2:00-8:30
Friday, Sept 21       2:00-8:30
Saturday, Sept 22     10:00-4:30
*** Please note Saturday, Sept 22 is also the Daphna picnic, incase you want to bring a change of clothes, etc…
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Zion Mennonite Church will be reordering our Sunday mornings for a 6-month experiment from June-December.  Worship will begin at 9:30 followed by time for fellowship over coffee and tea in the foyer outside the sanctuary.  Sunday school classes will begin at 11:15 and end at noon.  Questions based on the Scripture that shaped the sermon will be provided each week by the preacher.  An elective, intergenerational class will meet in the fellowship hall for anyone who wants to discuss the questions.

In preparation for the new fellowship time between worship and Sunday school, we are asking for mugs to be donated to eliminate use of paper or Styrofoam.  There will be mugs available each Sunday.  They will be washed at the end of Sunday school.  If you want to use your own mug each week, you may label it and hang it on the mug rack in the foyer.  You will be responsible to clean your own mug.  We would also welcome donations of tea.  And finally, we need some people to volunteer to make coffee and clean up.  See Dave King to volunteer and with questions.


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If you or someone you know would like to have an assistive hearing device for use during services at Zion, please speak with one of the ushers for information.


You can listen to sermons online by clicking on the Sermons tab or you can request a cd of the entire worship service by contacting one of the sound system operators.