Faith Formation Commission

Christian Education at Zion


Body Building Sermon Series

Complete List of allelon one another scriptures in Bible order

10/27/19 Sermon – 1: “Essentials for Body Building”

The “One Another” appeals FF study guide-10/27/19

11/3/19 Sermon – 2: “May I Wash Your Feet?”

The “One Another” appeals FF study guide-11/03/19

11/10/19 Sermon – 3: “Made to Fail or Being Made Complete?”

The “One Another” appeals FF study guide 11/10/19

11/17/19 Sermon – 4: “A Gift that keeps on Giving”

The “One Another” appeals FF study guide 11/17/19


Faith Formation Series (9/1-10/13) on Streams of Living / Sunday school Lessons:

9/1-19 – Stepping into the Stream (No Document)

9/8/19 – The Contemplative Stream

9/15/19-The Holiness Stream

9/22/19-The Charismatic Stream

9/29/19-The Social Justice Stream

10/06/19-The Evangelical Stream

10/13/19-The Incarnational Stream


Zion Mennonite Church provides Christian education opportunities for all ages. Sunday school classes meet at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings.  The Christian Education Commission often plans a special series for the adult Sunday school classes during the year.  Please see the Adult Ministries tab for class information and to discover more about developing your faith through the Anabaptist perspective.

On Sunday mornings, there is a plethora of options for teens, young adults, and adults attending Sunday school at Zion.  Each class meets in a different room.  Please peruse the following list to see which class would be best for you.

JUNIOR MENNONITE YOUTH FELLOWSHIP: In addition to special activities throughout the month, JrMYF meets on Sunday mornings in Room 300.  Teenagers in sixth through eighth grades are enrolled in JrMYF.

MENNONITE YOUTH FELLOWSHIP: In addition to special activities throughout the month, MYF meets on Sunday mornings in the MYF Room, which is located downstairs off the fellowship hall.  Teenagers in ninth through twelfth grades are enrolled in MYF.

COLLEGE AGE CLASS contains post-high students that meet during the school year with 10-15 participants.  The primary purpose of this class is to provide a setting for young adults to explore the Bible.  The class studies the scripture text, which is used for that day’s sermon during the worship service.

KAIROS is a class with approximately 12 adults, who are 22-30 years of age, attending most Sundays.  Teachers, nurses, businessmen, computer experts, construction workers, counselors, and moms make up the core of this class.  Kairos meets to reconnect with one another and with  God.  Social activities are planned once or twice a month.  Many in the class have become or are planning to become parents.  Kairos, which meets in Room 303, welcomes your visit.

GOOD GROUNDS is a class that explores practical issues of faith in an atmosphere of fellowship.  Members are in their 30s and 40s; vocations include: educators, medical professionals, homemakers, social workers, business owners, truck drivers, and civil service workers.  The women of Good Grounds get together monthly outside of class for fellowship.  The entire class holds an annual Christmas dinner and a few social events throughout the year.  Good Grounds’ Sunday morning attendance is usually between 10 and 15.  They meet in a classroom along the basement hallway, Room 102.  All are welcome.

SOJOURNERS is a class that meets to support one another along life’s journey and experiences.  They meet each Sunday for sharing, prayer, and Bible study or topic/book study on a life-related topic.  Members are in their 40s through 60s, with varied vocational fields including: agriculture, education, administration, accounting, medicine, electrical, business, homemaking, and construction.  Sojourner attendance is generally 15-20 on any given morning.  They meet in a classroom along the second floor hallway, Room 302.  Individuals from all walks of life would feel welcomed as a Sojourner.

PATHFINDERS is a class with an approximate number of Babyboomers (ages 48-65) attending most Sundays between 15-25.  Their vocational involvements include: stay-at-home moms, retail workers, nurses, teachers, a doctor, a lawyer, an Indian chief, environmental service workers, and construction workers.  Albeit a wide variety, it certainly doesn’t feed into who they are.  The purpose of the class is to enjoy their time of fellowship and sharing.  Pathfinders are defined by their caring and humor.  They laugh and pray about anything from children, grandchildren, parenting, mid-life crises, jobs, world events, church issues, health issues, and (agh!) aging issues.  The essence of this class is their desire to cut to the chase about what really matters in following Christ and living and working in His Kingdom in our daily lives.  Following the sharing time is a time of learning and worship, usually through a book study, International lesson study, or a topic chosen by the class.  Pathfinders welcome any visitors into their circle, which meets in Room 101.  You will only be a visitor once!

STAR is a class of 10-15 retired persons aging 65 and older that meet on the main floor adjacent to the church office.  This class studies the Adult Bible Study series and eats together once a quarter.  Attendee life situations vary from married to widowed.  The class supports one another through expressions of care, support, and prayer.